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Sell Any Gold: The History of Gold

The History of Gold

Aug 10, 2020

The history of gold mining dates back to 6,000 years – in the areas of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Gold rings were used as one of the earliest forms of payment. In fact, Egypt was the center of gold production until the time of Christ. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, it was also known to be found in India, Ireland, and the Iberian Peninsula. In terms of usage, the metal was highly implemented for decorative purposes.

During the ancient times, gold was mined in form of particles found in the river sands. This was done by the method of washing away the river sands, hence leaving the gold particles behind. Such masses could be further concentrated by melting. The increasing influence of Christianity empowered the demand for gold until around 10th century, where thousands of slaves were working in mines.

By the early 18th century, gold deposits were discovered in Brazil and on the east of Russian Ural Mountains. However, the largest gold location was found in South Africa, the mining of which became equivalent to 40 percent of the world’s production by late 1980’s.

As a result of such a historical background and the various methods of extraction implemented, gold has always been a valuable asset to the society. Whether in form of a payment method or an accessory, till day the metal plays an essential role in the economics of the world.

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