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Gold Mining and Production

Gold mining is a world-wide business, operating on every continent, except Antarctica. The gold mines are all varied in types and scales. The diversification of gold mining locations has increased over the last four decades, since previously South Africa was one of the largest producers of the metal.

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The History of Gold

The history of gold mining dates back to 6,000 years – in the areas of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Gold rings were used as one of the earliest forms of payment. In fact, Egypt was the center of gold production until the time of Christ

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Reasons why you should invest in Gold?

Gold is without a doubt one of the main alternatives for liquid investments. It offers financial security and acts as a safe haven during economic crisis. While Gold is getting more and more associated with fashion and jewelry, why do people, tend to also invest in gold?

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Covid-19 impact on the price of gold

This virus outbreak has created uncertainty globally and gold prices tend to rise in uncertain times.

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