• 24K Gold Rate 10 grm


  • 22K Gold Rate 10 grm


  • 21K Gold Rate 10 grm


  • 18K Gold Rate 10 grm


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Our experience in the Gold Market dates back globally to 1937. In the UAE, we have been present since 1998 first in the Wholesale Gold Market and later in the retail Jewelry field through our sister company Atasay that offers a wide range of Gold and Diamond Jewelry.

Gold, being a unique asset, is an important investment. And this is why, Sell Any Gold was founded to provide you with the best rate guaranteed for your gold. Our team consists of experienced Gold Smiths who will provide you a safe and free gold inspection* and accordingly exchange your gold for instant cash at any of our stores located all across the UAE.

Yes, we buy your gold anytime! But we also offer a range of Turkish contemporary gold and diamond jewelry through our sister company, Atasay, the leader in the Turkish Gold Market. In sum, you can Sell and buy Gold with us.

It doesn’t stop here! You can also exchange your gold with us. We partnered with Atasay to enable you to shop the latest trends in Gold Jewelry by exchanging your old Gold jewelry with us. So, you choose: instant cash or new jewelry in exchange of your gold? Both scenarios, we’ve got you covered!

*Free inspection for gold inspection where gold weight is equal or higher than 15gr

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