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Sell Any Gold: A Glimpse at Dubai’s Gold Souk

A Glimpse at Dubai’s Gold Souk

Dec 07, 2020

Since the 1900s, Dubai Creek area has been a significant historical area for the Arabian world. With an ideal location along a natural waterfront, the creek has been the center for transport and trade operations, extending as far as 14 kilometers, where merchants have been traveling to across the Persian Gulf. Both sides of the creek are occupied by old-style markets, heritage buildings, and museums.

As you stride along the alleyways of the area, you notice a myriad of traditional Emarati elements, such as souks, wind towers, and desert homes. Up to date, the Dubai Creek is one the most popular tourist attraction, with thousands of tourists everyday.

The creation of the world-famous Gold Souk in this area is no surprise. Encouraged by tax free and trade-friendly environment the Souk stands for a bazaar of gold traders, diamond merchants, and jewelry shops in form of an open-air market. It is a highly regulated market for authenticity. However, the pricing is open to the decision of the salesmen, which makes it a popular place for good deals and negotiations, as most other places charge a set price per karat or gram.

The Gold Souk has been around for 100 years. The salesmen have many stories to tell, such the history of their shop, their journey to the UAE, and how they are managing family businesses. With over 300 retailers, the place tends to be crowded throughout weeks and days.

When shopping in the alleyways of the Gold Souq, make sure to know in advance what you are looking for. The choice of gold products there is endless. Just by entering one store, you will be surrounded by hundreds of options, as the salesmen will try their best to keep you interested in their gold. If possible, try to get recommendations first of which stores to visit, this way you can save time and money.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Gold Souk!

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